The REACH Africa Process

Fairchar will help those who REACH. The deal is simple.

The REACH process starts with the emission of CO2 and ends with its sequestration in the form of biochar in Africa. REACH because the deal is based on a mutual outreach between CO2 emitters, Fairhcar and local farmers. In the REACH process, African farmers are given access to communal facilities, trading floors, biochar- and biogas production, transportation and communication. CO2 emitters are given the assurance that the agreed quantity of CO2 equivalent will be buried in the form of biochar. In all matters, Fairchar acts as a go-between for different parties. Its primary responsibility is to bring the CO2 emitter and the African farmer community together in an atmosphere of REACH. Fairchar will manage the entire CO2 cycle as well as the relationship between the different stakeholders.