Call to Action

Over the past more than 5 years, many people have worked long and hard on the Fairchar carbon2soil plan under the unremitting enthusiasm of Boudewijn Klaversteijn. It is now time to market the plan as widely as possible with our limited resources. With the proposed launch, we can really put all ideas and proven components into practice. So finally your call for action!


And for that I now ask for your help. Now because a substantial number of locations in Africa have been prepared and they can and want to start. And the tide seems favorable to us.


Last autumn, with a subsidy from MVO Nederland, a study was conducted into the feasibility of a Fairchar carbon2soil center in Africa. The knowledge that we were able to gain from this has been incorporated into the final plan. In short, it concerns the construction of a center in as many places in Africa as possible. Several locations are available. At that location, a local entrepreneur will persuade farmers to supply their free biomass to the center. There it is converted into biochar that is returned to the farmer for processing in his or her soil. In this way, agricultural land improves and CO2 is permanently stored. Much more happens from the center because it ultimately contributes to 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals drawn up by the UN.

With the support of MVO Nederland, our position paper has been refined and is now ready for introduction to the market. And when we think of market, we mainly think of companies that need to reduce their CO2 footprint. Our position paper will be published on LinkedIn on August 18 and on the websites of MVO (Futureproof Community) and SDG Nederland.


When you intensively share our joint initiative where and when possible, we will reach those parties that make our first centers financially possible. Do you want to do that actively by liking and sharing Fairchar!


Parallel to this request, the establishment of the Fairchar Cooperative is being prepared. The Cooperative will further develop the broad ideas of Fairchar and further support its introduction. Anyone who has spent more than 2 hours on Fairchar carbon2soil will receive an invitation to become a member of our Cooperative.


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