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Bundled services for climate change adaptation and mitigation

Bring farmers on poor land, local entrepreneurs in Africa together with EU companies that have a CO2 duty of care (CO2 negative) in a healthy business environment. Then you have a Fairchar carbon2soil centre. The centre is owned and operated by a Fairchar entrepreneur in residence in tandem with a local entrepreneur. The centre provides local small holders with an holistic approach to regenerative agriculture and carbon farming. For agribusiness, it provides the necessary training, soil enhancement products and tools to restore currently depleted land and prepare it to a multi-crop business. For Carbon farming, it provides training and pyrolisis technology to transform residual crops' biomass into 4 by-products while offsetting relevant amount of CO2 for good. The centre interacts with 200 small holders over 400 hectares in 4 years.
The carbon2soil practice makes a substantial contribution to the achievement of fourteen (14) of the eighteen (18) UN Sustainable Development Goals

Tractor at Work

Regenerative Agricolture

Our regenerative agriculture practice is based on soil analysis, crops selection and rotation and production of the soil enhancer BioNPK: a mix of biochar and organic matter in specific proportions dependent on the quality of the soil. Carbon2soil regenerative agriculture provides an effective Climate Change Adaptation solution: transforming something that is currently generating a cost for society and no value for farmers (biomass waste and depleted land) into something of high value for the farmers (more cash flows) and a climate mitigation agent for society (biochar). By simply using excessive biomass in the right way, farmers will not only significantly reduce GHG emission but improve the quality of their land so to make it resilient to climate change. The consequent restored land and acquired land regenerative practices will improve farmer's wellbeing, wealth and food security as well as inclusion

Carbon Farming

Farmers joining carbon2soil program, will supply the residual flows of food crops and biomass to the center which will control biomass flows for their origin (preventing logging). With the innovative, small-scale technology of Nettenergy (NL), the biomass is converted into:

biochar, enriched charcoal full of nutrients and effective water retainer during dry seasons;

syngas, that can be converted in electricity to satisfy local needs;

wood vinegar, as organic pesticide and soil enhancer;

bio-oil, which can be sold as fuel.

The farmers receive the BioNPK back and they process in their land as sol enhancer. The carbon farming is a very cost-effective Climate Change Mitigation solution which can be scalable in a relative short term period

Hands in the Soil
Image by Austin Distel

Carbon Funding

Fairchar organise the carbon2soil service as a multi-stakeholder business system. We take care of the funding, capital allocation and cash management in order to maximise the returns and minimise the cost of CO2 offsetting for our stakeholders. The Carbon Funding tools and framework have been developed in a way so to minimise complexity for the farmers and make the carbon2soil centers easily scalable and replicable. The carbon2soil centre operates as crops and biomass aggregator and collector. Recorded Crops and by-products are then marketed and sold at wholesale or at local market. Revenues are fairly redistributed among all participants according the set of rules agreed. Fairchar Carbon Funding makes it possible to create sustainable businesses whilst providing effective climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions

Regenerative agricolture
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